Cyclone Resistant Glass
StormShield® is specifically developed to resist excessive wind speeds and penetration from flying debris.
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Thermal Resistant Storm Glass
E-zone Glass® is a cyclone rated glass with the added benefit of moderating Solar Heat Gain.
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Storm Glass Products & Solutions

Harsh weather conditions like hurricanes and cyclones are common in Australia and the Pacific Islands, and their high winds can cause debris to become flying projectiles, which can damage outdoor glass. Cyclone-rated glass is specifically formulated to withstand these conditions remaining weathertight without a breach when damaged.

Glasshape® designs and manufactures a range of cyclone-rated glass solutions fit for varying extreme weather conditions. Our products are fully certified by independent authorities and undergo rigorous impact testing at our in-house facilities to ensure they are cyclone-resistant.

Cyclonic Storm Resistant Window Solutions Brochure

Cyclone Resistant Window Solutions Brochure

Want to view & receive a copy of our Cyclone Resistant Window Solutions Brochure?

Cyclone Resistant Window Solutions Brochure

Want to view & receive a copy of our Cyclone Resistant Window Solutions Brochure, Click on the Button below...

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Storm Glass - Features & Benefits

  • Ultimate Protection:

    Protects your family, staff and property from cyclone and hurricane winds and debris penetration. Grade A Safety Glass conforming to all human impact safety requirements

  • Eliminate Storm Shutters:

    No need for secondary protection such as storm shutters or screens, allowing excellent clear vision

  • Thermal Efficiencies:

    E-zone Glass decreases solar heat gain providing a cooler environment for improved working conditions and comfort levels

  • Reduce HVAC Use:

    Can reduce HVAC requirements with positive impact on systems size requirements for cooling and heating

  • Dimensional Flexibility:

    Customized solutions with certified glass tailored for your individual project. Available cut to size or in stock sheets

  • Range of Thicknesses:

    Range of thicknesses available, enabling full compliance with wind loadings and deflection standards as in AS1288 glass selection and installation, regardless of window size

  • Added Security:

    Impact resistant interlayer provides increased resistance to intruders

  • Certification:

    Evaluated at the world-class James Cook University cyclone testing station with excellent results. Fully certified for use in Regions C & D in Australia and the Pacific Islands

Storm Glass - Flag Ship Projects

  • ICON Apartments

    Port Hedland, WA, Australia

  • Baynton Apartments

    Karratha, WA, Australia

  • Townsville Apartments

    Townsville, QLD, Australia

  • Darwin Medical Centre

    Darwin, NT, Australia

  • Lizard Island Resort

    QLD, Australia

  • Palmerston Hospital

    NT, Australia

  • Cairns Aquarium

    Cairns, QLD, Australia

  • Palmerston Police Station

    NT, Australia

  • Tambray Village Shopping Centre

    Karratha, WA, Australia

  • Hungry Jacks

    Karratha, WA, Australia

  • Liberty Fuel Station

    Karratha, WA, Australia

  • Bunnings Warehouse

    Darwin, NT, Australia

  • Bunnings Warehouse

    Yeppoon, QLD, Australia

  • Whitsunday Council

    Proserpine, QLD, Australia

  • MHCC Shopping Mall

    Suva, Fiji

  • ANZ Tower

    Suva, Fiji

  • Shreedah Motors Building

    Suva, Fiji

  • Westpac Bank

    Suva, Fiji

  • Continental Hotel

    Denarau, Fiji

  • Marriott Momi Bay Resort

    Momi Bay, Fiji

  • Pearl Resort

    Pacific Harbor, Fiji

  • Sun Insurance Tower

    Suva, Fiji

  • Nadi International Airport

    Nadi, Fiji

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Our Storm Glass Product Offerings


StormShield® consists of a range of cyclone-rated glass products, specifically designed to meet various region-specific conditions. It is manufactured with a specially formulated, ultra-high grade laminate that allows it to expand and contract up to five times its normal rate before breaking. As such, it is strong enough to resist the excessive wind speeds and penetration from flying debris that can be characteristic of inclement weather in these regions.

Even if a debris impact is forceful enough to break StormShield, the shattered glass will remain adhered to the laminate. This keeps the glass weathertight and prevents shards from spraying across the indoor space.

Most cyclone-rated glass is available in only one standard thickness, but StormShield stands out from its competitors because it is available in a wider variety of sizes and thicknesses. This makes it highly customizable and able to fit multiple projects and specifications.

E-zone Glass®

E-zone Glass® cyclone-rated glass is a slightly modified version of StormShield. E-zone Glass is specially made with invisible, embedded heat-reflecting materials to reduce solar heat gain, which allows light to enter but reflects much of the accompanying heat. This is ideal for hotter temperatures when you want to keep your window coverings open but don’t want your rooms to get too hot. E-zone Glass can be reconfigured to retain heat inside the room while still letting light pass through, for cold environments.

Glasshape offers a range of customizable solutions, and our team of experts is trained to work with you to find the right solutions for your specific requirements. Contact us today to learn more about finding the right glass for your project.

StormShield - Cyclonic Rated Glass
Cyclone Rated Glass

StormShield uses specially formulated ultra-high grade laminate in the manufacturing process, engineered so the glass can expand and contract up to five times its normal rate before breaking, providing protection from wind born debris.

Cyclone Glass
StormShield - Cyclone Rated Glass
E-zone Glass
E-zone Glass - Thermally Resistant Cyclone Rated Glass
Thermal Resistant Cyclone Glass

Ezone Glass is a Thermal Resistant Cyclone Rated Glass, boasting the same ultra-high grade laminate with additional thermal advantages and flood resistance.

Thermal Resistant
E-zone Glass - Thermally Rated Cyclone Resistant Glass
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