Secure Healthcare Glass

CareShield - Secure Healthcare Glass

CareShield - Secure Healthcare Glass

CareShield® secure healthcare security glass is the safe and reliable glass solution for windows and screens in mental health facilities protecting patients from self-harm and providing a safe working environment for staff.

Medical staff no longer live with the fear of patients cutting themselves with glass if a window is broken. Families of the patients can be assured that their loved ones are in a ‘safe zone’ where self-harm is all but eliminated.

CareShield secure healthcare security glass combines with VisionInk® for additional privacy or security with no impact on safety credentials. VisionInk Double Vision can be especially useful by displaying a calming image on the patient side and plain black on the reverse making it easy to observe without being intrusive.

What makes it special?

CareShield® has a glass exterior surface that is glazed to the staff side or the outside of the building. It has a hardened poly-composite opposite side which is glazed to face the patient side. The result; a brilliantly tough glass exterior for weathering to provide protection from the external elements, with a full warranty as per our general Terms & Conditions. Or if glazed in a passage way provides an easy clean surface for staff to see through. It has a risk free hardened poly-composite inside face meaning that in the event that the window is repetitively hit, beaten or bashed by a patient, they have no glass surface available to break, cut themselves or injure staff with.

CareShield - Secure Healthcare Glass Brochure

CareShield Brochure

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CareShield Brochure

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CareShield® - Secure Healthcare Glass - Features & Benefits

  • Patient Protection:

    Tested and proven in anti-ligature framing.

  • Aesthetics:

    Eliminate mesh or grills to transform patient areas into calming secure spaces.

  • Double Glazing:

    Double Glazing compatible.

  • 2D Bending:

    2D curves (single radius and single axis).

  • Tints and Glass Types:

    Large range of glass types available off the shelf or bespoke to your specifications.

  • Larger Windows:

    The ability to produce larger windows, vastly improves natural lighting, clarity and visibility without compromising safety.

  • Standard Sheet Dimensions:

    Standard dimensions up to 2400mm (94″) x 1800mm (71″).

  • Compatibility:

    Compatible with Digital Ceramic Ink Printing - VisionInk.

  • Resistance Times:

    5 - 20 Minutes attack rating.

  • Certification:

    IACS, AS 3555.1 Intruder Level 2

NB: Rigid aluminium or steel frame with edge cover at least as thick as the panel is required for installation.

CareShield® - Secure Healthcare Glass - Testing & Certification

CareShield® secure healthcare glass has been rigorously tested under the AS/NZS3555.1 standard where sample windows were attacked by two men simultaneously wielding sledge hammers, axes, crow bar, coal chisels and the likes. The results were astoundingly convincing. After 20 minutes of continuous attack, the window had no breach whatsoever, neither was there any glass from the non-attack side available for the attackers to be injured with or use for self-harm. It was also of note that after the sustained attack, the attacked surface was still smooth with no tears, ridges or rough edges that could potentially harm anyone.

Obviously in a mental health facility these types of tools and weapons are not available to patients, however we took CareShield to extremes to prove its real worth. CareShield – truly the safest window.

CareShield® - Secure Healthcare Glass - Technical Performance Data

The table below provides a guide to which thickness may best suit your requirements, or you can contact our product specialists who will help you select the correct product for your application.

CareShield - Datasheet
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