Printed Glass Using Ceramic Inks

Digitally Printed Ceramic Ink Glass

VisionInk - Digitally Printed Ceramic Ink Glass

Digital ceramic glass printing is a design process used to fuse ceramic ink images into glass products. Digital printing typically requires high-level image processing software built into a glass printer, but the quality of different printers can vary widely.

Glasshape’s products are capable of producing a comprehensive range of ceramic printed glass images, and can be customised to fit numerous different applications.

Our VisionInk® digital ceramic ink printer is the most advanced and versatile glass-printing machine available. Combining it with Glasshape’s TemperShield® and DuraShield Marine®glass-curving capabilities makes it ideal for both interior and exterior architectural and transportation glass applications, as well as incredible point-of-sale displays.

VisionInk’s image-processing software and high-tech glass printer go far beyond the capabilities of standard screen and UV glass printing to provide much greater opportunity, flexibility and quality. VisionInk is capable of producing graphic designs with thousands of possible colours in 720dpi resolution.

Once they’ve been toughened, the ceramic inks become part of the printed glass itself, giving them unmatched resistance to scratching, UV light and weather deterioration.

VisionInk - Digital Ceramic Ink Printing - Brochure

VisionInk Brochure

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VisionInk® - Printed Glass - Features and Benefits

  • Artistic Freedom:

    Print any design, from simple lines to detailed photographic imagery.

  • Colour Choices:

    Six spot colours combine to create an unrivalled colour palette; bespoke premixed colours can also be created

  • Slip Resistant:

    Slip-resistant ink possibilities

  • Consistancy:

    Complete predictability, repeatability and durability

  • Warranty:

    10-year warranty against UV fade

  • Cleaning

    Surface can be cleaned the same way you would clean normal window glass, with no impact on the graphic.

  • Precision:

    Precision control of ink thickness for prediction and manipulation of Visible Light Transfer (VLT) and Solar Heat Gain (SHG) variables

  • Dimensions:

    Dimensions up to 3900mm (154″) x 2440mm (96″) and oversize capabilities

  • Compatibility:

    Compatible with Marine, Security and Cyclonic glass

VisionInk® Digitally Printed Ceramic Ink Glass Projects

SW Adventist University CS 01
Slide 1
Gibbs Cancer Center CS 03
Slide 2
VisionInk Curved Printed Panel
Slide 3
VisionInk Albert Park
Slide 4
VisionInk Riveria
Slide 5
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