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ArmourShield - Intruder Resistant Security Glass

ArmourShield - Intruder Resistant Security Glass Solutions

Glasshape® offers a comprehensive portfolio of fully certified security glass products, including our premium armoured glass, ArmourShield® intruder resistant security glass for protection against sustained attacks from weapons. Armoured glass is made with an inner poly-composite layer that gives it maximum strength and durability.

When subject to an attack, intruder resistant security glass causes weapons to simply bounce off. Even if the surface is compromised, the tough inner layer will remain safe from penetration, preventing the glass itself from spraying dangerous shards over people and property.

Our glass products are suitable for a wide range of applications, and they can be customized and combined with other products to fit your unique specifications.

Glasshape has one of the most experienced and dedicated teams in the industry, and our clients trust us to deliver quality products and services. We have a proven track record of completing beautiful, functional projects across the world, and we are proud of how much our glass products have helped our clients.

Security Glass Solutions Brochure

Security Glass Solutions Brochure

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ArmourShield® - Intruder Resistant Security Glass - Features & Benefits

  • Levels of Protection:

    Superior attack resistance compared to standard laminated glass.

  • Weight:

    Lightweight compared to glass-only products of similar thickness and attack resistance.

  • 2D Bending:

    2D curves (single radius and single axis).

  • Tints and Glass Types:

    Large range of glass types available off the shelf or bespoke to your specifications.

  • Optional Spall Panel:

    Spall Panel prevents glass fragment spray on non-attack side

  • Elastic Properties:

    Elastic properties mean weapons ‘bounce’ off the glass surface.

  • Standard Sheet Dimensions:

    Standard dimensions up to 2400mm (94″) x 1800mm (71″).

  • Compatibility:

    Compatible with Digital Ceramic Ink Printing - VisionInk.

  • Resistance Times:

    5-30 minute attack rating.

  • Certification:

    IACS, AS 3555.1 Intruder Level 2

Watch the “ArmourShield® Intruder Resistant Security Glass” Video

Play Video about Mt Eden Prison - Security Glass Solutions

ArmourShield® - Intruder Resistant Security Glass - Applications

Whether you need armoured glass or another type of safety glass depends on your specific applications. There are a wide range of security glass products, each designed to provide protection against a number of different threat levels.

In contrast, our intruder-resistant glass products are designed for protection against low-level attacks against buildings, vessels and office spaces. While they can be applied to high-security situations, these products are primarily designed to withstand attacks from non-ballistic, handheld weapons.

Suitable Threat Level: Planned Intrusion

Typical Weapons Used

    • Hammers
    • Axes
    • Crowbars
    • Baseball Bats
    • Chisels
    • Bolt Cutters
Security Threat - Fist
Security Threat - Crowbar
Security Threat - Hammer
Threat Level - Sledge Hammer
Attack Time - 60 Minutes
  • Medium and Maximum Prison Security

    Prevention of break-out and protecting wardens from attack.

  • Youth Detention Centres

    Prevention of escape and protecting staff from attack.

  • Intelligence Offices

    To create a secure facility that can’t be penetrated, protecting internal information and staff.

  • Guard House

    Provide protection against attack from assailants with hand weapons.

  • Police Station

    Used in external windows of facilities to protect police and in high risk containment cells to resist attempts to escape.

  • Courthouse

    Prevention of attempted escape from commonly perceived lower security facility.

ArmourShield® - Testing & Certification - AS3555.1-2003

Glasshape® have carried out extensive testing of our intruder resistant glass to AS3555.1 Level 2 in independent laboratories in both New Zealand and Australia. The following videos show independent testing of our AS14T, AS17T & AS22T ArmourShield®  products, all of which passed the required tests.

Testing to AS3555.1 Level 2 requires the glass to be attacked by two men using common hand tools, such as chisels, punches, wedges, screwdrivers, pliers, bolt cutters, hammers, axes, sledgehammers, pry bars and ripping tools—none of which exceeds 1.5m in length, nor 3.6kg in mass. The glass is then rated according to the time required to create an opening in it of no more than 620cm².

AS 3555.1-2003

ArmourShield AS14T – 15 Minutes – Passed Level 2

Play Video about ArmourShield - AS14T Testing

ArmourShield AS17T – 30 Minutes – Passed Level 2

Play Video about ArmourShield - AS17T Testing

ArmourShield AS22T – 40 Minutes – Passed Level 2

Play Video about ArmourShield - AS22T Testing

ArmourShield® - Technical Performance Data

The table below provides a guide to which thickness may best suit your requirements, or you can contact our product specialists who will help you select the correct product for your application.

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