Our Process - Working With Glasshape

Working with Glasshape for Specialty Glass Applications

A customized approach for your unique specialty glass projects

Our specialty glass solutions can be used in myriad of contexts serving all manner of purposes be they functional, structural or purely aesthetic. Every project is unique and our process takes a customized approach to ensure our customers get the perfect result every time.

With over 200 years of combined technical and industry experience across our senior management team, we are dedicated specialty glass experts. Working together, our team has developed a range of innovative and proven glass manufacturing techniques that meet and exceed expectations – we’re very proud of what we’ve achieved.

Depending on the requirements of your project our service can include any or all of the following: initial project and design consultation, on-site digital measurement, CAD and modelling, testing and certification, manufacture, and/or installation via our key partners.

1. Consult

Glasshape's specialist glass technicians are available for one to one consultations on any project. From creating a new shop front to developing a stunning glass staircase, we can provide advice and assistance at any stage of the project.

2. Measure

Our on-site 3D Digital Measurement service utilizes the latest laser technology, capturing a digital twin of the as-built structure, which  eliminates the need to spend time on cumbersome physical templates.

3. Design

Using the point cloud data we captured during the on-site digital measure, our CAD Technicians create an accurate 3D CAD model of your as-built structure on which they design your glass, ensuring a perfect fit is achieved every time.

4. Certify

We take pride in producing fully certified glass for all types of applications. Glasshape is ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 21005:2015 certified.

5. Produce

Depending on your particular needs we can produce a custom glass solution to match. We have the ability to bend, toughen (temper), print and laminate glass in wide variety of ways, providing an endless array of options.

6. Deliver

Our custom glass solutions can be delivered directly to site or to your location of choice. Each and every consignment is tracked by our Customer Experience Team, and progress is communicated to our Customer at critical points throughout this process.

7. Guarantee

Our standard architectural glass warranty is valid for 10 years. Other product applications will vary according to local legislation.

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