StormShield® Glass Projects

Glasshape® has for 30 years been at the forefront of innovation in performance specialty glass. We’ve pioneered a debris impact laminating technology that means StormShield® out-performs the competitive set with thinner and lighter glass make-ups. Our portfolio of glass thicknesses means that larger openings can be designed for than would otherwise be possible, as we have a product that meets the windload requirements, and the debris impact resistant requirements for cyclonic wind regions.

StormsShield® has been specified in critical public buildings such as hospitals and airports, enabling them to continue running during an extreme weather event. Equally, StormShield protects countless residential dwellings in Australia’s and the Pacific Islands cyclonic wind regions. We are continually adding more inspirational case studies to our library, and would be happy to discuss in more detail any that are showcased here. Contact us to see how we can help.

Storm Glass – Case Studies

International School Fiji

School Campus

International School Suva, Fiji

ANZ Bank Fiji

High Rise Facade

ANZ Bank, Suva, Fiji

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