Heavy Machinery Glass

Our heavy machinery glass is specifically developed as the ultimate safety and protection glass for use in forestry harvester equipment, mining vehicles and other heavy machinery. ArbourShield® is a fully certified solution for where protection from impact risks is required.

Unparalleled strength and unobstructed visibility is delivered through a combination of reinforced laminated glass outer layers and high-grade poly-composite inner core. This protects the operator inside the cab from chain shot, falling objects and other projectiles.

ArbourShield® heavy machinery glass has been extensively impact tested and proven to be over 10x stronger and more impact resistant than standard laminated windscreens of the same thickness.

diameter datasheet
*2.72kg, 90mm diameter steel ball
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Machinery Glass Brochure

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ArbourShield® Features & Benefits

  • Greater visibility (no grills, mesh required, improved light transmission)
  • Scratch resistance – glass exterior surface (wiper friendly)
  • No static charge (less dust attraction)
  • Reduced deflection under impact
  • No glass discoloration/damage from standard cleaning agents
  • Low-E options
  • Anti-Spall film
  • Tested to withstand clarity, distortion, luminous transmittance, ageing, impact, fracture and adhesion quality control tests

Testing & Certification

  • AS/NZS 2080:2006 Safety Glazing Land Vehicles
  • AS/NZS 2343: 1997 Class G0
  • ISO 8084:2003 OPS
  • ISO 10262:1998 L1,2 OPG
  • ISO 8083:2006 L1,2 Falling Object Protection Forestry
  • ISO 3449:2005 Falling Object Protection Earth Moving
  • ISO 11839:2010 Thrown Sawtooth Protection
  • SAE J2267 Front Screen Protection Forestry

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